About us

We have over 10 years’ experience in the manufacture of a variety of wood products, including wood laminate panels, furniture, and wooden components. Wood is a living, fascinating material whose processing technologies and products are constantly evolving. We learn something new about wood every day, and apply our knowledge in our production process, using only environmentally friendly products like water-based varnishes and paints, timber harvested from responsibly managed forests, and nature-friendly waterproof PVA adhesive.

Wood is a natural, attractive material which is typically used to create smooth boards for interior finishing. However, wood has much more potential than just that.

Our mission is to discover new qualities in the wood and use them to create new value.

A few years ago during a woodworking project, we noticed that the wood had an intriguing and unique relief design once the wood had been split. From there grew the idea of creating a design product that harnesses the natural grain designs in the wood, and after consultations with interior designers, we developed the patterns and wall panel solutions. Reliefwalls panels were installed on the first wall in 2014 in a salon, and since then we have used our time and our 10 years of experience in woodwork to develop and produce high-quality wall panels.