Reliefwalls is an interior wall panel with a unique design, creating a mosaic effect through its composition of small pieces of wood. Every wood panel is individually cut along the wood’s natural grain, and creates an exclusive wall panel when assembled as a unit.

There is a wide selection of wall panels, in different patterns (square, rectangular) and types of wood (oak, birch, thermo ash etc), with wall lighting bringing out the design of the surface relief detail. Each wall panel has a top coating of a transparent water-based wood lacquer (made by Akzo Nobel company).

Only green materials are used in the production process: environmentally friendly water-based wood lacquers and paints (certified green by the EU); timber harvested from responsibly managed forests; and nature-friendly waterproof PVAC D-4 adhesive. The wall panels also dampen echoes in the room (coefficients have been measured in accredited laboratory): good sound scattering properties at frequencies over 315 Hz (scattering coefficient S = 0,48 to 1,0); sound absorption coefficient aw = 0,2.

The dimensions of each panel are approximate 60x40 cm (6-30 mm thick) and it is made of small pieces of wood glued to a birch plywood base. The tongue joints located on all four sides ensure a firm fit with other panels and secure mounting on the wall.

OAK SQUARE wall design

The strong oak wood and regular square panels creates an intimate interior.

The material: broken-surfaced oak squares (side length 94 mm).

OAK BRICK wall design

A sleek rectangular design is united with harmonious light-brown oak wood.

The material: broken-surfaced oak slats (47*170 mm).


OAK RANDOM wall design

The strong character of oak is balanced with a lively irregular pattern.

The material: broken-surfaced oak slats (47*100/200 mm).



BIRCH SQUARE wall design

A regular pattern coupled with soft, wavy birch wood creates a relaxing atmosphere.

The material: broken-surfaced birch square (side length 94mm).



BIRCH BRICK wall design

A symmetrical square pattern together with the lighter tones of birch exudes peace and comfort.

The material: broken-surfaced birch slats (47*170mm).

BIRCH RANDOM wall design

The light tones of birch and the intriguing irregular arrangement creates a cheerful interior.

The material: broken-surfaced birch slats (47*100/200 mm).